Monday, February 8, 2010

The Dark Knight (2008) - MOVIE REVIEW

Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart
DVD in stores now.

This movie doesn't need much of an introduction as we all know what its about, who is in it, the back story etc. Most of you have already decided whether or not you want to watch it.

Instead I'll give you my unpolished opinion...


While a two and a half hour flick might sound like a bit much, it is just perfect for this movie. It flies by. Unlike other long movies, this actually has enough stuff going on to fill the time. There is the story of the Joker, the story of Two Face and of course Bruce Wayne/Batman's never ending fight within himself. Trying to find an identity without Batman. Trying to ditch his alter ego to get back his true love, Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

I watched it at IMAX in Sydney and it was an absolutely phenomenal experience.

I went into the movie with high expectations, just like everyone else, mainly because of the hype Heath Ledger received for his performanance. I was worried it wouldn't reach those expectations. It reached them, broke through, broke the speed limit and jetted out to space.

After watching the movie multiple times, you begin to appreciate Ledger's portrayal of the Joker more and more to the point where you are almost waiting for the next scene that he is in. In this movie though, those "in between scenes" are filled by a decent performance by Christian Bale as Batman and a steller performance by Aaron Eckhart as the tortured Two Face.

There was only one thing I didn't like about Batman Begins. That was the performance of Katie Holmes (The original Rachel Dawes). I don't know why they replaced her with Maggie Gyllenhaal for The Dark Knight but I am so glad they did. Gyllenhaal played a much better Dawes than I could have hoped for.

Don't be a fool. Watch this movie!

Check out the trailer

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