Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slash @ The Hordern Pavillion - 16/8/10


(If you don't care for my writing, there are 6 video clips below)

I watched an episode of Mythbusters recently where they wanted to see if you really could knock somebody's socks off. The Myth was confirmed, but I didn't need those guys to tell me because last night Slash knocked my socks right into the nosebleed section of the Hordern Pavillion.

The Rock n Roll God, Royalty, Legend, Pioneer, whatever you want to call him rocked the fuck out of a packed house at the Hordern Pavillion last night. Playing about 20 tracks from throughout his career with Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash's Snakepit, this year's solo album and even a sneaky little cameo from Angry Anderson to cover Rose Tattoo's Nice Boys, this was the ultimate guitarist's concert. Oh, how could I forget, there was also a blistering 15 minute solo, the first 10 minutes without the backing of the rest of the band. Absolutely mesmerising.

On vocals for the touring band was Myles Kennedy, the front man for Alter Bridge, who also featured on two tracks from Slash's debut solo album. This guy was amazing. It was always going to be hard to satisfy hardcore Gunners fans with him taking Axl's place for the covers but the guy was brilliant. He didn't try to replicate Axl but when he sang the songs just felt right.

I actually hadn't heard any of Slash's stuff from his solo album before but what they played last night sounded absolutely sick, including By The Sword which featured Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale. There wasn't one point in the night where I started to fidgit while waiting for the next song.

As expected, the house came down for the 5 Gunners tracks which were Night Train (Slash's favourite to play live), Rocket Queen (One of my fave tracks), Civil War, Sweet Child and Paradise City.

After being notoriously late starters with Guns N Roses due to the unpredictability of Axl Rose, it was no surprise that Slash came out on time and played an extra 15 minutes over his 2 hour alotted time slot. While I can't wait for Axl to get his shit together and reunite with Slash, Duff and Izzy to bring back the real Gunners, it was an absolute treat to see a concert the way Slash wanted it. To see him showcase his talent and play tracks from throughout his career that he wants to play and the crowd wants to hear. While he was obviously the top dog of the night, it was an excellent band effort last night and was great to see him up close because if the dream of a Guns N Roses reunion comes true, there's no way we see Slash like this at the Hordern again. Can't wait till Feb when he comes back for Soundwave.

By the way, I was actually gonna give this show four and a half stars because a perfect, five star concert for me would have included "You Could Be Mine" but it actually worked out well that he didn't play it because I got to blast it on my iPod while racing home like John Connner, except I was on my pansy 100cc scooter!

I recorded a bunch of songs as well. Some good quality shit.

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