Thursday, January 27, 2011

Linkin Park @ Acer Arena - 15/12/2010


Saw these guys back in 07 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and was absolutely blown away. The most electric concert I had seen to date. They played every song I wanted to here and were supported by Chris Cornell who rocked some solo stuff, Audioslave and Soundgarden. Really good show that night.

So, by default I tried to lower my expectations because concerts are generally better the first time unless you've got highly talented performers that re-invent their shows for every tour. The two things that ultimately killed this show for me was that they played so much of their new stuff which, I'm not a big fan of and it's not like Linkin Park's old stuff. It lacks that fire and aggression we're used to. The two best parts of the show were the crowd singing the chorus to Shadow of the Day, which was mesmerising and the intro guitar work on No More Sorrow was epic. The second thing that killed it was the venue. I hate Acer Arena, not everyone can rock that mammoth venue. Linkin Park can't.

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