Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Public Enemy @ The Metro Theatre - 4/01/11

Ok so I know I just posted about not having done anything for a while on here so I couldn't help but jump into a review already...


"Harder than you think is a beautiful thing..."
I saw these guys a couple years back but Flava Flav actually missed his flight (thats the official story they're rolling with) so it was just Chuck D (The brother don't swear he's nice, he knows he's nice!). Didn't matter. Chuck D, the S1W's, DJ Lord and the band rocked it. A couple years later, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album "Fear of a black planet", P.E. including, say it with me, FLA-VA FLAAAAVVV! came back to our shores, The Metro in Sydney more specifically for an epic performance.

Although scheduled to play 90 minutes, I suppose in an effort to make up for Flava Flav not making it last time and because Public Enemy are just awesome, they played for two and half hours, not just doing the entirity of "Fear..." but a whole bunch of other stuff too. Chuck D brought so much energy to the stage and Flava Flav showed (to the uninitiated) that he isnt just that crazy dude off that show "Flava Flav's flavour of love" with stints on the guitar and the drums and a truely inspiring speech at the end of the show about peace and togetherness and love and all that stuff made for a truely complete experience.

Favourite track of the concert? Harder Thank You Think
The horns on that song ripped the speakers to shreds. Truely an inbelievable song live.
Check out the music video for it and picture it 700 times better live.

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