Friday, February 11, 2011

More concerts from the past

Its been a busy time seeing 12 concerts in the last 6 months so I thought I'd compress some reviews.

The XX @ The Chicago Theatre - 28/9/2010
I'm gonna be honest with you, I only saw these guys so I could get into the Chicago Theatre, which is beautiful by the way, and was pleasantly surprised by how good these guys were. The venue was fully seated so it wasn't about dancing around, it was pretty chilled out. We just sat back, drank some beer and enjoyed a very cool show... I can't even remember one of their songs but I gotta get their stuff soon because from memory they were very cool

(Photo via Microphenia @ flickr)
Ice Cube @ The Big Top, Luna Park - 22/10/2010
One part of the legendary N.W.A, when Ice Cube comes to town. You go see him. He didn't let us down this time either. Although his new album sucks and except for Raw Footage (2008) most of his stuff from this decade has been lacking. But, being who he is, Cube brought the heat, playing stuff from every single album in his catalogue. Naturally, Check Yo Self absolutely ripped.

(Photo by Liza Moscatelli)
Pharoahe Monch @ The Metro Theatre - 26/11/2010
If you've scanned through my blog in the past you'll see that Pharoahe is one of my favourite rappers and holds the title of best concert I've ever been to for his set at Good Vibes a few years ago. This was the 3rd time I saw him and while his gig at the Gaelic in 2009 seemed to lack a bit of fire, he absolutely tore the house down at The Metro. Everybody loves "Simon Says" and lose their collective shit when he plays that but I actually think his best song live these days is "Desire". If you know Pharoahe, you know what I mean.

(Photo by Hosking Industries)
Dropkick Murphys @ No Sleep Til Sydney, Entertainment Quarter - 18/12/2010
Nothing too out of the ordinary for these guys, they bring that same energy and fight to every gig they play. Up there with one the best bands to see live and maybe even "They sound better live" status.

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