Monday, September 12, 2011

Suits - Season 1 - TV SHOW REVIEW

Created By: Aaron Korsh
Starring: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams

A legal drama-comedy, yes. Another legal drama-comedy, no.

A show about a highly skilled, high powered lawyer that takes a gamble on an unproven, incredibly smart kid without a law degree as his associate, Suits isn't really like other legal dramas. In the mold of Boston Legal, Suits is a quirky-funny drama that's a little more conservative than Boston Legal but definitely a fun drama with some half decent acting and week-to-week story lines.

While there is the 'case-of-the-week' type episodes, there is a very interesting story arc throughout the first season about the kid and his background and all that business...

Suits is a good show. There's plenty ahead of it but it's got me hooked. The finale was very very good. This show won't be a waste of your time.

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