Monday, December 12, 2011

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 - TV SHOW REVIEW

Creator: Kurt Sutter
Starring: Charlie HunnamKatey SagalRon PerlmanMark Boone Junior, Danny Trejo

Another epic season. Kurt Sutter and Co have delivered once again. If you haven't watched any Sons at all, check out my review on the first season then hop to it because four seasons on, this show is here to stay.

I'm not gonna waste my time talking about this season too much. If you enjoyed the first three seasons then you will will enjoy this one. While it starts off a little slow like last season, shit gets real crazy in season 4, true to SoA form and it is entertaining as hell. The injection of a Mexican cartel headed by legendary token Mexican actor Danny Trejo (who I'll never get sick of) and the alterior motives of Jax and Clay really just might spell the end of the MC.

I guarantee you will enjoy this season... or your money back.

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