Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dexter - Season 6 - TV SHOW REVIEW

It's no secret that Dexter is one of my favourite shows of all time. Each season was getting better and better and then season 4 absolutely rocked me. Season 5 was so so but it was always going to be hard to top the amazing season with John Lithgow. Season 6? It was better than 5 but still not up on 3 and 4. I thought the main villain plot of the season fizzled toward the end and there were a couple absurd plot lines that developed throughout. Still what really made this season for me was the introduction of Brother Same, played by one of my favourite rappers, Mos Def. Yes, he can act, so forget what you're thinking. He plays a relatively crucial role in Dexter's life and his dark passenger. Olmos, who plays one of the two villains really carries their plot line I thought but ultimately I just didn't love this season... oh and as per usual, it finished with a cliffhanger which was a bit of a let down too. That being said, it's still an enjoyable season so if you've watched past Dexters, watch this one

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