Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Manu Chao La Ventura @ Enmore Theatre Sydney 9.01.2012

Yesterday afternoon the only thing I knew about Manu Chao was his name. After seeing him in concert last night with his band 'La Ventura' I'm almost upset with myself that I hadn't heard his stuff before... This was one of the best concerts I have seen in a long time. So much fire, so much energy from Manu, the band and the crowd. When they went off stage before the first encore, the crowd was so loud that it was distorting in my ears. Haven't heard a deafening crowd like that for years. It seemed like only 20% of the crowd were Aussies, the rest, South Americans and Spaniards etc. The second the band walked on stage, the crowd absolutely erupted and by the end of the first song I was hooked. Two and a half hours of Me, Manu and 2499 of my closest friends.


  1. Brilliant concert. Like you, the only thing I knew before going was his name and a bit of background on the guy. I certainly wasn't prepared for that.

    The guy clearly has an intense passion for his craft, loves his fans, who love him equally in return.

    It quite simply went off from start to finish.

    Was it just me or did they play parts of some of their songs, and even repeated those parts throughout their set, kind of like weaving it all together?

    Thanks for posting the videos. They're excellent.


  2. Manu Chao gave an amazing concert. Absolutely electric! I have heard two of their recorded albums before and just adored their music but the live experience was just something else entirely. First time in my life I have ever jumped up and down with my arms thrown in the air in wild abandonment for 2 and a half hours. They took their audience on a ride and kept all of us close to their chest. Just wonderful. Talented guys who delivered completely. Definitely a music experience highlight of my life!


  3. I was told prior to the concert that Manu was nowhere near as good live as he was on his albums. Well what a load of crock that Argentinian friend said...... I'm an aussie,(don't speak spanish)and was introduced to Manu in the year 2000 on a French Rd trip by my brother in law and have been obsessed with his amazing tunes.
    It was the best concert I have ever ever been to in my 41 years. I was right at the front and centre, got a kiss from Manu when he came to meet the crowd and a drumstick from the drummer!
    That kind of night can never be topped! I'm still smiling!

  4. these guys are awesome. I had only seen Manu Chao once in my hometown Barcelona and was absolutely amazing. I missed his famous Baionarena concert in Bayonne, France, in 2008 and I still regret myself.

    I never thought I could see him playing in Australia. These two nights in Sydney have been remarkable!

    Manu's music is as diverse as unclassificable. From reggae-close tunes to sorts of punk or lovely melodical songs such as Minha Galera (which I loved to heard last monday at the Enmore).

    He's also been known by his identification with disadvantaged people, specially those oppressed and marginalized indigenous in Latin America due to his cultural connection, and he's been many times a voice for their claims.

    He was one of the first voices against the 'real-state speculation' (don't know if there's a more precise term in english) and how it was damaging the poor/disadvantaged/elder people of the formerly-humblest-now-trendy quarters in Barcelona. That's why some people feel goosebumps, and I do so, when we listen to some songs like 'Rumba de Barcelona'.

    I'm happy that his music has finally arrived to this side of the world.