Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Steve Jobs' Autobiography - BOOK REVIEW

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

It's a big book... 600 pages, but I wasn't bored even for one minute (ok, that's an exaggeration but you get my point).

Prior to the death of Steve Jobs, when Apple's stock plummeted whenever Mr. Jobs went on medical leave, I thought, who cares? He's the frickin' CEO. Just because he founded the company, Apple's not gonna go to shit because he's ill.... That was when I didn't know, now I know.

Steve Jobs is a god damn genius. He didn't just start the company with old mate Wozniak, he has had a hand in EVERYTHING. A finger in every Apple pie. Multiple fingers.

This enthralling bio, written by Walter Isaacson, details this amazing journey that Steve Jobs has made from his childhood and how the person he is has become so enmeshed in everything Apple. I remember being about 100 or so pages into the book and thinking, "wow, I can totally see that in this product", or "that's all over the Apple store today, 30 years later".

I'm a bit of an Apple guy. I've got the MacBook Air, an iPhone and a few iPods too. I'd also have an iPad if I wasn't such a tight ass with my money. That's not the reason I loved this book though, you don't need to be an Apple guy or even have much technical knowledge of anything. This is straight up a fascinating tale of how one man has had such an effect both on this world and the shaping of an entire empire.

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

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